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High Resolution Site Characterization Isn't Just for The Subsurface Anymore!

S2C2 Inc. has teamed with IST to add remote sensing and mapping services using un-manned aerial systems (drones). Remote sensing drone data integrate directly with our 3-dimensional Data Visualization services. S2C2 Inc and IST can provide a COMPLETE digital Conceptual Site Model (CSM) of your site – above and below the surface.

Deliverables include: orthomosaics, topographic/contour maps, digital elevation models (DEM), digital surface models (DSM), time lapse imagery, geostatistical analysis, geospatial analysis, bathymetry, and much more. We also have the ability to integrate drone-based remote sensing data using specialized sensors (e.g. high resolution color, high resolution infrared, optical gas sensor, multispectral, and hyperspectral sensors) with high resolution subsurface data to produce a very high confidence data-rich detailed work product.

Contact Jason Ruf at or Jim Reisinger at for more information.

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