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S2C2 Adds Optical Image Profiler Services

S2C2 recently acquired Geoprobe’s Optical Image Profiler (OIP). This direct-sensing tool, developed by Geoprobe, is capable of detecting and logging UV induced hydrocarbon fluorescence in the subsurface. S2C2 has over 12 years of experience using UV technologies to identify subsurface hydrocarbon impacts. S2C2 successfully used a Fuel Fluorescence Detector (FFD) for many years and now will be using the OIP. The OIP contains two light sources: UV and visible. During the advancement of an OIP log 20 images are captured every foot and analyzed for fluorescence in real time. At any time during the push visible images of the soil may be obtained by stopping the probe and switching to the visible light source. As with all direct-sensing probes developed by Geoprobe, an EC probe collects soil conductivity information and both EC and % Fluorescence are plotted versus depth in real time.

OIP Log with UV Snapshot

OIP Log with Visual Snapshot

S2C2's 18 years of experience providing Direct-Push, Direct-Sensing and Data Visualization services, continues to bring added value for our clients who need to solve complex environmental problems. For more information, on how this tool can help you please contact us at 908-253-3200.

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