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Optical Image Profiler

The Optical Image Profiler (OIP) is a powerful direct-sensing tool, developed by Geoprobe, capable of detecting and logging UV induced hydrocarbon fluorescence in the subsurface.  The OIP contains two light sources: UV and visible.  During the advancement of an OIP log images are captured every .05 ft. and analyzed for fluorescence in real time.  At any time during the push visible images of the soil may be obtained by stopping the probe and switching to the visible light source.  As with all direct-sensing probes developed by Geoprobe an EC probe collects soil conductivity information and both EC and % Fluorescence are plotted versus depth in real time.  Download our OIP Brochure


S2C2 Videos

S2C2 OIP setup

S2C2 OIP setup
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S2C2 OIP setup

S2C2 OIP setup

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OIP Log - Visible
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