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Who we are

Our Expertise

S2C2 is an environmental services firm, founded in 1998, that focuses on providing High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) support.  Since 1992, key S2C2 personnel have been leaders in developing on-site characterization methodologies and dynamic work strategies integral to the HRSC approach. S2C2 believes that an efficient and cost-effective execution of a HRSC field program requires optimizing the placement, and maximizing the amount of data collected and analyzed every day.


S2C2 has successfully provided direct-sensing services throughout the region for the past 10 years and is recognized as a Geoprobe MIP Service Specialist.  S2C2 also incorporates advanced visualization capabilities with CTech’s Mining Visualization Software (MVS) managed with a succinct EQuIS database and linked to ESRI’s GIS to allow for on-site visualization of project data.S2C2 has the professionals with the depth of experience and the unique specialized training to successfully plan and implement HRSC programs. 


We also possess a large variety of equipment and technology necessary to successfully execute a HRSC program, including:


  • Direct-Push Equipment

  • Direct-Sensing Services

  • Mobile Laboratories

  • Advanced Data Management and Data Visualization Capabilities

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