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Data Visualization

S2C2 has been a leader in developing on-site characterization methodologies and dynamic work strategies central to streamlined site characterization programs.  An integral part of this approach is the ability to manage and visualize large data sets.  S2C2 has all the tools and experience to provide complete data management and data visualization services for any size project.   Services include:


• Creating project databases for central data storage using using Earthsoft's Equis database.

• Migration of existing data into EQuIS or other project database.

• Three-Dimensional data visualization using advanced sub-setting and kriging algorithms, using  CTech's MVS, that allow for the ability to evaluate confidence and uncertainty all linked to GIS or output to 4DIM players.

• Analytically Guided Site Assessment powered by Ctech’s DrillGuide©.

For more information contact Jason Ruf at
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